August Free Book of the Month – On Mobile!

This month’s free book from Logos Bible Software is the Believers Church Bible Commentary: Ecclesiastes. You can download it for free, through the end of August, here.

Today, I’d like to showcase the power of the mobile app, when used in coordination with this commentary.

*Note: While the app and this month’s commentary are free, this tutorial may include some elements which require a Logos base package.

Step 1) Open the app

I’m using the iOS app here, but Android is very similar.

2016-08-05 08.44.24

From the home screen, you’ll want to access the library icon on the bottom menu bar.

Step 2) Search your library

This may take some time if you’ve just checked out with your free book, but you can search your library by typing in the title:

2016-08-05 08.44.53

Or, by typing in the author:2016-08-05 08.45.01

Now, when I tap on the volume in my library, it takes over the full reading tab of the app. 2016-08-05 08.45.06

Step 3) Tweak (Confirm?) Your Swipe Settings

Currently, the app is defaulted to scrolling. As an avid Kindle user, I myself am still attached to pagination. I prefer to swipe left and right to move through pages. To change this setting:

3a) Tap on the screen

2016-08-05 08.45.11

Step 3b) Select the “Aa” icon

Step 3c) Turn off “Scrolling View”

2016-08-05 08.45.15

Note that this also introduces the option: “Inline Footnotes”. I’m going to turn this off as well, because of the way I prefer to view my Bible. 2016-08-05 08.45.55

To close your settings menu, just tap “Done”.

Step 4) Setup Split Screen

Notice at the bottom of your commentary, you’ll see a bar wit a quarter circle in the lower right hand corner. Click this circle and drag it up.


2016-08-05 08.46.29

Here, you can go back to your Library and add a second resource. I prefer to add a Bible, such as the ESV, so that I can read the text and scan the commentary at the same time. 2016-08-05 08.57.17

Step 5) Run a Quick Word Study

To run a word study from within your commentary, highlight the word, and select “Look Up” from the context menu.

2016-08-05 08.58.09

Logos will immediately bring up the underlying Greek or Hebrew word, if available.2016-08-05 08.58.17

But we want to go a little deeper, so I’m going to tap on “Bible Word Study”. Which brings up the full word study screen:2016-08-05 08.58.29

From there, I’m going to scroll down to the Translation ring, and select the blue portion, which indicates “vanities, vanity”.

2016-08-05 08.59.44

When I scroll down, it provides a list of every verse where this root word is translated at vanities in the English Standard Version. The cross-references of Isaiah 49:4 and Jeremiah 10:3 are both very interesting. 2016-08-05 09.00.27

Step 6) Return to Your Commentary

To return to your commentary, tap on the screen to bring up your address bar/settings menu. Press and hold the back arrow in the upper left hand corner. This will bring up your history. From here, you can tap on the commentary.

2016-08-05 09.00.55

Step 7) Re-adjust and Keep Reading!

Once you return to your commentary, you can re-adjust the split screen by once again selecting the quarter circle, and dragging it up.

2016-08-05 09.01.05

Now you’re ready for some in-depth study with this month’s free book, and the Logos Mobile App!

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